Friday, February 15, 2019

Historical cycles in Russia

The political life of Russia develops with a cycle of 36 years and three sub-cycles of 12 years each.

Three subcycles: growth, peak and war

In 1917, one of the cycles began with the February Revolution and then with  the October Revolution. The cycle lasted 36 years until 1953, when Stalin died and a new cycle began. The first subcycle lasted until 1929, this is the period of destruction of old values ​​and the assertion of the new state. The second subcycle lasted until 1941, it was a period of mass industrialization and the peak of economic development. The third subcycle marked a destructive war and post-war restoration of the country.

In 1953, a new 36-year cycle began until 1989, it was the cycle of building socialism. In its first third (before 1965), they fought against the legacy of the cult of personality and totalitarianism. In the second third of the cycle (until 1977), the Soviet economy reached its highest heights. And in the last third of the cycle there was again war (Afghan) and economic disruption.

In 1989, Berlin Wall fell, a new estimated cycle began with the disintegration of the USSR. Although the Union collapsed in 1991, these processes began earlier, Ukraine adopted a declaration of sovereignty in 1990, and the Baltic states raised the issue of independence even earlier. The first subcycle lasted until 2001, it was a period of abandonment of the old ideology and the introduction of a market economy. The second subcycle was characterized by the achievement of the maximum level of economic well-being, it lasted until 2013. In the third subcycle, Russia is at war with Ukraine and is suffering economic hardship due to sanctions. The third subcycle will last until 2025. In 2025, a new cycle will begin either with the establishment of a new state or with a radical change in the course of Russia.

Russian-Chinese war in 2049

We have reviewed cycles since 1917, but history buffs can trace earlier cycles. For example, the third subcycle before the October Revolution began in 1905 with the Japanese War, and the First World War fell as well, and the fall in the standard of living that led to the 1917 revolution.
If in 1905 the war was in the East, in 1941 - in the West, in a sub-cycle from 1977 - in the East, from 2013 - in the West, then we can assume that in 2049 Russia will face a new war in the East, most likely it will be China. And after a collision with a new rival, Russia will reformat again and begin a new cycle in 2061.

The fall of the Putin regime in 2025

All these years are the years of the Snake. The snake biting its tail is an ancient symbol of cyclical development. This knowledge was known in Ancient Russia, and the Serpent Gorynych with three heads meant a cycle with three subcycles. And the hero came out against him, but having won the Serpent, he became one himself, and a new hero was placed on him, and the cycle began anew. Lenin and Stalin broke tsarism; Khrushchev fought against Stalinism; Yeltsin did away with communism, and Putin with democracy; in six years there will be a hero on Putin's Snake.

The tougher the political regime, the clearer the cycle works, like a clock, with democratic easing possible deviations in one or two years from the calculated values.

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