Sunday, August 2, 2020

Presidential election in Belarus and Russian expansion - how may it be

On August 9, presidential election in Belarus will be. It could be the most interesting event in the country for last thirty years.

Despite his low popularity, President Lukashenko will “win” with 75% of the vote.

This will bring millions of dissenting voters onto the streets.

Russia is already sending its agents to Belarus. They are military specialists. 

During the protests of voters, they, as disgruntled voters, will raise Russian flags and calls to join Russia. This has already happened in Crimea and Donbass.

The annexation of Belarus is a key goal of Russia's strategy for this year. 

Russia is close to the resurrection of the Soviet Union or the Russian Empire.

If the annexation of Belarus will be successful, then Ukraine will be next. 

And the final goal is to reach the western border with the Germanic peoples: Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria.

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