Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Dollar is conqueror and financial pyramid

For other nations the dollar is money with functions of exchange and accumulation, but for the US it has function of conquering also.

The US can print it as much as need, and buy real values with it.

Today, for example, land and state enterprises in Ukraine, lithium ore in Bolivia.

As Columbus traded gold for beads from the natives, as the US trades lands, resources and businesses for paper.

Why does the US support democracy around the world? Because it is very profitable.

Forcing new democratic countries to privatize land and resources offers attractive investment opportunities for dollars.

The United States can print as many dollars as it like due to an increase in public debt, which already exceeds $ 16 billion.

The main goal is to get all the important world resources in exchange for paper.
And then the financial pyramid from the dollar can be destroyed.

But in modern conditions, when the US share in the world has decreased to 1/5, and continues to decline, while the share of other countries is growing, China is on the heels, the EU is growing due to an increase in the number of countries, the US dollar pyramid could collapse ahead of schedule.

Therefore, the United States slowed down China's growth through trade wars and supported the collapse of the EU, starting with Brexit.

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