Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Ukraine is the bursting bubble in crisis 2020

Global crisis will come in October 2020

Rich men have prepared themselves for crisis. Their assets are transformed into cash to buy valued assets at low prices.

What are they waiting for?

In October 2020, land market in Ukraine will be opened. This is 42 mln hectares with start price at $2000 per ha. Total volume of the market is estimated to $ 84 bln. But in five years it could grow up to $ 210 bln.

This is a great investment opportunity. As hundreds of Ukrainian state enterprises, which are prepared for privatisation.

Next Ukrainian revolution in 2022

Now Ukraine is setting itself endless droppers of the debt bonds, some times per week, billions of dollars per month, with amazing 15% rate.

A third of the 2020 budget will go to pay off debts. IMF paused the help for Ukraine. And bubble of government debt are increasing very much.

But when money will be begun to withdraw from bonds, the bubble will burst.

This crisis could lead to next revolution in Ukraine against president Zelensky, "who sold Ukraine".

In 2020, Russia will stop a gas transition through Ukraine. May be, lest Ukraine remain without gas, president Zelensky will agree with Putin, and this will be a trigger of new revolution.

History of Ukrainian crises

Every nine years Ukraine faces crisis.

2013 - Euromaidan

trigger: pro-russian president Yanukovych had changed state course from EU to Russia.

Multitudes gathered against Yanukovych. Yanukovych fled in Russia.

Russia annexed Crimea, occupied Donbass with "rebels".

2004 - Orange revolution

trigger: false result of presidential election.

Multitudes gathered for Yuschenko and against Yanukovych.

But in some years Yanukovych became a prime-minister, and then a president.


There should be revolt in 1995, but president Kravchuk, an old fox, called for re-election in 1994.

1986 - Chernobyl


I was born, and it was enough to shake Ukraine for many years.

1968, 1959, 1950

Nothing in memory, it's need to seek in archives.

1941 - WW II in Ukraine

Ten of millions died.

1932 - Stalin's famine

Four of millions died.

1923 - Lenin's famine

1914 - WW I in Ukraine

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